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October 2017 - Family House Destroyed in Fire

We are heartbroken to announce that my parents' house was destroyed as a result of the fires in northern California. Cars, belongings, keepsakes, and everything of material value was lost. Over the years, we've seen nothing but selfless giving by my parents. They did so much and expected nothing in return. And now they are rebuilding from nothing. We created this in order to seek support for my parents. You cannot buy back things of immeasurable value, such as the photo albums, heartfelt gifts, and sentimental items that were kept in that house ... but with some help we can help my parents rebuild. Thank you so much. ~ Much love from Nicole & Robert Lowe


Lowes Electric discovers century-old tombstone, unearths history

While digging during a recent routine job, the team at Lowes Electric encountered a large block of marble, belonging to a century-old headstone.


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